Sectors Covered By EverChain

High Cost Short Term Credit (HCSTC)

The team at EverChain UK has a comprehensive understanding of the High Cost Short Term Credit market from years of operating within the HCSTC space. We are experts within this highly regulated environment and can navigate debt sales within this sector whilst ensuring regulatory requirements are met and customers are treated fairly. The high levels of vulnerability synonymous with this type of debt mean that careful consideration should be given and thorough due diligence conducted when selling HCSTC debt to a debt purchaser.

EverChain UK works closely with a panel of UK Debt Purchasers that work with all types of high cost short term credit, including payday loans and short term instalment loans. We can support you in preparing for a sale and achieving the best price. We will also act to ensure that oversight of customer treatment is in place to ensure customers are treated fairly at all times when accounts are handled by the Debt Purchaser.

Unsecured Loans

At EverChain UK we understand that the reputational risk is at the very forefront of any decision that is made with regard to whether to sell, and which debt purchaser to sell to. We work with a substantial panel of FCA regulated debt purchasers. We will work closely with you to understand the customer journey from origination to present day, along with any risks or concerns that you may have regarding the sale. Your business is unique and as such requires a unique approach.

Once we understand your bespoke requirements we can look to match you with debt purchaser(s) that fit the needs of your business. It may be that multiple purchasing parties are required depending on the complexities of your business and balancing the compliance overheads against a potential purchase price increase. We can work with you to fine tune this once we further understand your business and your risk appetite.

Whether you are a high street bank, an online personal loan lender or any other type of unsecured lender, we can use our intrinsic knowledge of the financial services industry to deliver results.

Guarantor Loans

The team at EverChain UK have extensive and direct experience operating within the guarantor lending market, therefore and understand the nuances of portfolios where the loans are backed by a guarantor.

Guarantor loans can often be sizable and introducing or improving your debt sale process with EverChain UK could add tangible value to your businesses bottom line. This is in line with protecting your business from any reputational risk through thorough due diligence and customer journey analysis. We can work to understand your collections workflows and integrate these more closely with the DCA’s processes, so that you work in synergy with the Debt Collection Agencies and ourselves. This allows us to make the process more engaging and transparent for customers and therefore improve your revenue whilst mitigating against the risk of changing your debt sale processes and chosen Debt Purchase partner(s).

Secured Loans

There are added complexities with selling debt where it is secured against a property or a vehicle. However, a debt sale for secured loan customers that are in arrears or have defaulted can often be lucrative; as well as removing a significant resourcing burden from your business.

We will be able to work with you to understand the tailored approach to secured lending that you take, from the point of application to the point of sale. This is a particularly sensitive type of debt due to the typical size of the loan and the security against it. We will work to understand your customer lifecycles and identify the optimum points of this journey to sell in order to have the maximum impact on your firm’s bottom line.

Often these types of sales may involve multiple purchasers and or workflows depending on the segmentation of your loan portfolio. It may be that particular cohorts are identified for sale and others are kept in house. Whatever your requirements may be, you can be confident that EverChain UK will work to understand your business and deliver a debt sale solution that adds real value to your lending operations.

Credit Cards

EverChain UK is experienced in conducting debt sales for Consumer Credit firms. Credit cards are one of the most popular forms of Consumer Credit and reviewing your portfolio to identify the right points to look for an exit to achieve maximum prices from your ongoing non performing loans portfolio.

Understanding your appetite for collecting this yourself and working with you to review collections curves will allow us to work together to sell at the right point in the customer lifecycle to ensure maximum revenue for your business whilst allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Whether you wish to undertake a full review of your collections journeys to iteratively improve upon your current debt sale position or conduct a full sale of your NPL portfolio you can be sure that EverChain UK can help you achieve the optimum results.

Car Finance

Automotive finance is an ever growing field for debt sale, with an ever increasing share of new vehicles being purchased with finance. Pursuing debt of this type can be both costly and inefficient. At EverChain UK we aim to remove some of these resource intensive overheads and achieve maximum value from your non performing loans.

EverChain UK work with a selection of carefully selected Debt Purchasers in the UK in the car finance debt recovery space and will be able to identify the optimum sale point in your journey to achieve the best overall result for your bottom line.

Whether you are looking for a one off sale or a full review of your collections journey to ascertain how to unlock the full potential of the revenue stream currently locked in your loan book.

Utilities and Telecoms

The team at EverChain UK is acutely aware of the regulatory exposure and importance of customer journey within the utilities and telecommunications debt collection space. EverChain UK can work to introduce or improve your debt sale processes across current arrears accounts where services cannot be cut, or aged accounts where you are no longer the provider of the utilities in question.

We can work to understand your processes and curate a panel of carefully selected Debt Purchasers who will be able to offer optimum pricing whilst protecting your brand.